Do you know? Cheerleader in IPL earns more “Money” than one good engineer in India

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The IPL 2018 season is over. Each year, the IPL fans wait for the next season to come soon. During the match usually, when a player hits boundaries or takes a wicket, the focus of the people usually more pays attentions to “Cheerleaders”.  Cheerleaders are one of attraction of IPL among many others. The job of cheerleaders to provide extra entertainment during the match. They helps people to more cheer up for their favourite team or player.


You would always find the smile on their faces, but the in real life they are very different. Very few people might know about it. We are trying to provide some aspects of their life at IPL in this post.

Who are these Cheerleaders?

During the conversation with the Delhi Daredevils cheerleaders, it was also learned that four cheerleaders came from Europe, while two cheerleaders came from Australia.


How much cheerleaders earn in one IPL season?

When we look at the match, looking at the cheerleaders, a question arises in mind how much these cheerleaders pay. As well as overseas cheerleaders in the IPL, earning 1500 to 1000 pounds every month, which is roughly equal to Rs. 1.80 lacs in india.

Most of America, Britain, Mexico, France, Brazil, Ukraine and South African cheerleaders also come to perform in the IPL match.

sahrukh khan

We glad to learn that Mr. Shahrukh Khana offers the highest pay for cheerleaders Kolkata Knight Riders. Around Rs. 15k to 27k are given to the cheerleaders who look absolutely beautiful and glamorous.

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