Desi Girl: Priyanka Chopra’s Love With Nick Jones

Priyanka Chopra’s wedding talk is very much happening in the Bollywood industry today. Now it is decided that Priyanka and Nick both want to pursue their relationship. There is no celebration for this pair’s fan. The first meeting of this pair took place during Meet Gala in New York in 2017, after which both of them were visiting regularly and now both of them are going to give a marriage name. However, you will be surprised to know that in this dating world, fame has grown in love with this.

According to a report by Foreign Benevents, it is said that Priyanka Chopra has engaged on 36th Birthday Day. During this he was in London. It is said that Nick had bought the engagement ring for Priyanka from the New York’s Tiffany store. According to the report, both are very excited and happy about their marriage. According to sources, Nick’s family members and close friends never saw Nick’s so happy. There is a lot of syria for Nick Priyanka. Nick and Priyanka were seen in London with their brothers.

Let me tell you, Nick-Priyanka started dating in May. Priyanka’s Birthday is on 18th July. Then both of them got engaged. After relation, both are always found together. He has also been seen going out on dinner and lunch too many times.

Both have met each other’s family together. Currently Nick Jones came to India with Priyanka. There she met Madhu Chopra and brother-sister Priyanka.

A few days back, Madhu Chopra’s statement can be said that he is a nom pass. On the other hand, people from Nick’s family also like Priyanka.

With this, you should also tell him that director Ali Abbas Zafar has tweeted that after watching, Priyanka’s love life and professional life has been taking a lot of debates.

Ali Abbas told Zafar’s tweet, “Yes, Priyanka Chopra is not a part of India. He told us about his decision in ‘Nick of Time’, so that we are all happy ‘. Priyanka Chopra was greeted by the whole team of India ‘.

However, let me tell you that Priyanka has not yet given any information about her marriage and cast of India. Fans are getting more anxious because of this. Soon he is waiting for Priyanka’s statement soon.


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