Mi vs KXIP Match highlights March

Mi vs KXIP Match highlights March,30 2019

Mi vs KXIP Match highlights March, 30 2019. Nowadays Mi Indian Team perform very well and Kxip also played well so this match roke today.

Mumbai 1st Inns

19.4 Shami to Hardik Pandya, out Caught by Mandeep!! That’s the end of Hardik, but he has played another fine hand for his team. Short and just outside off, he got into a good position on the pull, but doesn’t get hold of the shot. Went high and straight into the hands of mandeep – who was standing in front of the ropes at mid-wicket. Hardik has his bat on his shoulder as he walks away in disappointment. Hardik Pandya c Mandeep b Shami 31(19) [4s-3 6s-1]

19.2 Shami to Hardik Pandya, SIX, and this is why – another full-toss and it has been sent into the mid-wicket stands, presses across and then whips it with the bottom-hand, high and long into the crowd – Shami can’t bowl such stuff at this stage of the innings
18.4 Viljoen to Hardik Pandya, FOURshort, wide and four, Hardik has plenty of width on offer as he scythes this one past point, no need to run for those
18.3 Viljoen to Krunal Pandya, out Caught by Murugan Ashwin!! That’s a good wicket at this stage of the innings – Krunal was opening up, but Viljoen has his man. Short and angling down the leg-side, Krunal was looking to help it on its way with the shovel – didn’t get hold of the shot and popped it in the air over square leg. Murugan Ashwin ran across to his left from the deep and completed the catch with soft hands. Krunal Pandya c Murugan Ashwin b Viljoen 10(5) [4s-2]
18.2 Viljoen to Krunal Pandya, FOUR, back-to-back boundaries for Krunal, he’s getting a move on, length delivery outside off, Krunal delayed his drive by a moment and then placed it wide of extra-cover – no one in the deep and the ball ran away to the fence
Ball 18.1

Viljoen to Krunal Pandya, FOUR, Oh dear! That’s extremely poor from Shami – ran across from deep backward square leg, got close to the ball and then let it for the other fielder – in the end, both are nowhere close to the ball and it costs them a couple of extra runs, short and at the stumps, pulled away past square leg


Tye to Pollard, out Caught by Agarwal!! That’s a high catch and Mayank has judged it to perfection at long-off. ‘This went to the moon and came back’ chirps Danny Morrison on air. Pollard got this one very high and it took an age to come down – but it looked like it didn’t have enough legs to clear the fielder, Mayank was the man under it, he held his cool, waited for the ball to arrive and pouched it with both hands. The knuckle ball and Pollard didn’t spot, was way too early on the lofted drive – plenty of height but not the distance. Pollard c Agarwal b Tye 7(9)


Viljoen to Hardik Pandya, FOURcracking shot, tad too short from Viljoen, Hardik swivels across, rolls his wrists and finds the gap between the two men in the deep, much needed boundary for the Mumbai Indians


Murugan Ashwin to Hardik Pandya, FOURedged and four, another wrong ‘un from Murugan, fraction short and spinning back into the right-hander, Hardik didn’t pick it as he went for the cut – cramped up for room, gets a thick outside edge that brushes Rahul’s gloves and runs away to the third man fence


Murugan Ashwin to Yuvraj, out Caught by Shami!! This was coming – Yuvraj was being tied down and he falls while trying for that big hit – picked the wrong ‘un as he went down on the sweep, couldn’t roll his wrists over and ended up swiping it in the air. Shami was the man running across to his right from deep backward square leg, gets himself into a good position and holds on. MI are stuttering once again in the middle overs. Yuvraj c Shami b Murugan Ashwin 18(22) [4s-2]


Shami to de Kock, out Lbw!! Much-needed breakthrough for KXIP. de Kock was getting into overdrive and this shot perhaps, was a result of that. Premeditated by walking across the stumps and Shami did the basics right, full and straight. de Kock couldn’t connect the sweep and once he got hit on the pad, it was always going to be out. The umpire felt so too and although the South African opted for the DRS, there was nothing on UltraEdge to save him. Three Reds on HawkEye to compound the misery and MI have lost the review. Excellent innings nevertheless. de Kock lbw b Shami 60(39) [4s-6 6s-2]


Shami to de Kock, SIXsensational pick up shot from de Kock! Treats Shami as a spinner here by walking across and just drop kicks it over deep square leg. Beautiful connection


Shami to Yuvraj, 1 run, cramps Yuvraj with this good length ball, stabbed towards extra cover for a sharp run. 50-run stand comes up! Valuable one for MI who now have the platform to launch at the death


Murugan Ashwin to de Kock, FOURin the air….safe and to the fence! Was a lofted hit from de Kock and he got more height than distance on the stroke. Long-on and deep mid-wicket were converging on the stroke but with no real chance of getting to it. The former, Mayank, tried in vain as it landed short of him and to the fence. 50 for QDK!Super knock so far


Tye to Yuvraj, FOURstraight as an arrow! Now this shot should boost Yuvraj’s morale. Low full toss alright but the execution was admirable. Punchy drive that was straight back past the bowler and it rocketed to the fence. Didn’t overhit it and that was the key


Tye to Yuvraj, FOUR, one-handed check drive from Yuvraj, aerial as well but then, the intention was to clear the infield. Therefore, the deception didn’t of the slower ball didn’t dent his intent and he went through with the chip shot. Over extra cover and to the fence


Shami to de Kock, SIXdumped into the crowd! Fractionally short from Shami and it’s not that high to threaten de Kock either. The South African swivels across to shovel the pull high and handsome over deep backward square leg. Huge hit!


Murugan Ashwin to de Kock, FOUR, to the other side of long-on this time. Was floated up fuller outside off and de Kock whipped it away with that strong bottom hand of his. Power and precision in placement as he got it between long-on and deep mid-wicket


Murugan Ashwin to de Kock, FOUR, bulldozed away! Came down the track and Ashwin adjusted with a shorter one wider outside off, flat-batted powerfully straight down the ground. Long-on was wider and had no chance


Ashwin to de Kock, FOUR, too close to cut! de Kock pulls it off though and gets it away very fine, beating short third man to the fence. 1000 IPL runs up for QDK!


Murugan Ashwin to Suryakumar Yadav, out Lbw!! The other Ashwin gets into the act!Just two balls to take the wicket and it’s another vital one as Yadav can be dangerous. This was slider and kept a trifle low perhaps as he tried to whip-pull across the line. Once he missed it, there was no doubt on the LBW. As plumb as it gets and Yadav knew it too as he continued the walk to the dugout. Suryakumar Yadav lbw b Murugan Ashwin 11(6) [4s-2]


Viljoen to Suryakumar Yadav, FOUR, ominous! Whoa, the bloke is looking in sync from ball one. Got forward to this fuller one and just eased it past the bowler. Just a mere push and such was the timing that it raced away, beating mid-on comfortably


Viljoen to Suryakumar Yadav, FOUR, deft touch from Yadav! Too straight in line from Viljoen and it’s clipped softly wide of short fine leg


Viljoen to Rohit, out Lbw!! Massive strike from Viljoen! Rohit was looking ominous and if KXIP needed him gone, it was right here right now and that’s exactly what the South African has done. Must say it wasn’t a great shot from the MI skipper, stood rooted on the crease to an extremely full in-angler, attempted to just slog across the line, only to get struck on the back leg. Looked plumb in real time itself unless there was an inside edge but there wasn’t. Rohit lbw b Viljoen 32(18) [4s-5]


Tye to Rohit, FOUR, more runs! Rohit is shifting gears now. This was a touch too straight in line and he just shuffled across to help this away past short fine leg


Tye to Rohit, FOURgenius stuff from Rohit! Was giving the charge and then got a slower ball in response, quite shorter too but the MI skipper adjusted with an elegant back foot punch through backward point. Style, grace and placement all ticked


Tye to Rohit, FOURup and over! Might have been the slower ball from Tye but it’s was quite wide and that allowed Rohit to extend his arms. Didn’t connect the loft perfectly but had enough to clear the infield


Ashwin to de Kock, FOURjust over a leaping Viljoen! Nervy moment for de Kock who went for the slog sweep and it wasn’t that far away from backward square leg where Viljoen leapt with all his might, only to clear him en route to the fence


Shami to Rohit, FOURclassy shot! Sublime stuff from Rohit, struck this punchy drive on the up and once he pierced the gap at cover, it was always racing along. It wasn’t a bad ball to be honest, just one of those things this man can do when on song


Shami to Rohit, FOUR, can’t bowl short to Rohit when it’s not that high. He’ll pick on you every single time. Swivels this time and helps it along, clearing short fine leg quite easily

Punjab 2nd Inning


Bumrah to Rahul, FOURcheeky from Rahul. He is taking his side over the line for sure. It was on a length and there was just a bit of room, Rahul waits for it to arrive, opens the face of the bat at the very last moment and guides it fine of third man who had no chance to stop it


McClenaghan to Miller, FOURsmashed! Punjab are just a hit away from winning this. It was a fuller length delivery and was wide of off, Miller backs away, makes room and thumps it wide of deep cover for a boundary. It rockets to the fence!


McClenaghan to Miller, wide50-run partnership comes up. It has been a match-winning one for Punjab. McClenaghan gets his line wrong this time, it was well down the leg-side and Miller lets it go


Bumrah to Rahul, FOUR, he looks in fabulous touch, how quickly things can change for a batter in this format. It was a back of a length delivery on the stumps, Rahul hops a touch and half-pulls it wide of deep square leg for a boundary. Sweet timing!


Bumrah to Rahul, FOUR, Bumrah misses the yorker. This is rare from India’s number-one bowler. Rahul has got his touch back and he punches it wide of long-off for a boundary


Malinga to Rahul, FOURfifty for Rahul! Not the most ravishing innings but it has been a fighting knock from the Karnataka lad. And he looks like taking his team home. It was a short of length delivery on the face, Rahul gets inside the line of the ball and pulls it fine of fine leg for a boundary


Hardik Pandya to Miller, FOUR, nicely done by Miller! Expensive over from Hardik Pandya. 19 runs off it. It can be a match-changing over. It was short and was aimed on the body, Miller gently clips it wide of the keeper for a boundary


Hardik Pandya to Rahul, FOURtell you what, his touch is back. It was fuller and Rahul creams it wide of Rohit at cover. He wasn’t far from the ball but it was hit very hard and will canter to the fence


Hardik Pandya to Rahul, SIXthis is more like Rahul. This is the Rahul we know. It was a back of a length delivery wide of off, there was enough room available for Rahul. He backs away, brings his willow down at a tremendous speed and cuts it over deep backward point for a six


Krunal Pandya to Agarwal, out Caught&Bowled!! An excellent innings from Agarwal comes to an end. He is a disappointed, looks upwards after giving the catch. It was a flatter one on the stumps and Agarwal smashes it straight back to the bowler. It was hit at a ferocious pace and Krunal Pandya did really well to grab the catch. He takes off the bails at the non striker’s end too, not sure why. Agarwal c and b Krunal Pandya 43(21) [4s-4 6s-2]


Krunal Pandya to Agarwal, SIX, he is playing the innings of his life in the IPL. Gets a six off the first ball of the over- doing it the Kohli way. Holds his shape, clears his leg and smashes it down the ground for a six


Krunal Pandya to Rahul, 1 run, pushes it with the spin to deep cover and he will retain the strike


Krunal Pandya to Agarwal, SIXthat’s quality hitting from Agarwal. He didn’t try to hit it hard, comes close to the ball, keeps his shape and larrups it down the ground. The timing was good enough to clear the long-on fence which is not a short boundary at all


Krunal Pandya to Agarwal, FOUR18 off 7! He is playing a gem. Backs away on this delivery, creates his own room, wanted to cut it wide of backward point. Gets an oustide edge and it ends up fine of short fine for a boundary


Markande to Agarwal, FOUR, Agarwal is seeing the ball really well. And he is placing them well too. He goes on the back foot and pulls it wide of deep mid-wicket. Doesn’t try to hit it too hard, placement was the key


Markande to Agarwal, FOUR, he looks in great touch does Agarwal. It wasn’t that bad a delivery, just a little bit short. Agarwal rocks back and powers it wide of deep mid-wicket for a boundary. He bisected long-on and deep mid-wicket to perfection


Krunal Pandya to Agarwal, FOUR, just a chip shot from Agarwal but he has timed it to perfection. And has placed it well too. It will beat the straight fielders for a boundary


Krunal Pandya to Gayle, out Caught by Hardik Pandya!! Pandya brothers come together to get rid of the Universe Boss! This is excellent captaincy from Rohit. He was brave enough to bring his left-arm spinner against Gayle and the man from Baroda hasn’t disappointed him. It was wide of off and Gayle wanted to clobber it down the ground. Doesn’t get it off the sweet spot and it went a long way up in the air. Hardik at long-on takes it with ease in the end. It wasn’t the easiest of catches. Gayle c Hardik Pandya b Krunal Pandya 40(24) [4s-3 6s-4]


Hardik Pandya to Gayle, SIXyou can’t miss your length by an inch when Universe Boss is in this mood. Attempted yorker goes wrong, Gayle goes deep in his crease, makes it into an overpitched delivery and larrups it straight down the ground for a massive six


Hardik Pandya to Gayle, SIX, clears the mid-wicket fence, but only just. It’s a baby six by Gayle’s gigantic standards. It was a slower one on the stumps, Gayle backs away, clears his front leg and powers it over deep mid-wicket.


Malinga to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle is in his elements today, slower short ball outside off, Gayle picked the length early and found the gap past cover-point with the cut


Malinga to Gayle, FOURlovely, very full and at the stumps, Gayle gets his left leg out of the way and plays a pristine straight drive – past Rahul and beyond Pollard’s reach – running across from long-on


Bumrah to Rahul, FOURbeautifully played, fraction too full and well outside off, Rahul leans into the drive and places it into the gap past cover-point, beats the infield and runs away to the ropes


McClenaghan to Gayle, SIXback-to-back sixes for Gayle, his 300th six in IPL, length ball at the stumps, he leans forward and thumps it high and over mid-on, went a long way over the ropes


McClenaghan to Gayle, SIXmassive, you can’t bowl short to this man – this simply sat up to be smacked, Gayle stands tall and pummels it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum, 101m hit, a colossal one


McClenaghan to Gayle, FOURGayle plays the ramp now, safe shot as third man was inside the ring – short and well wide of off, he waited on it, opens the face of the bat and ramps it over the empty slip cordon, one bounce and over the ropes


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