Overcoming Dark Times In Life, Written by Gaur Gopal Das

Overcoming Dark Times In Life, Written by Gaur Gopal Das

Have any of you ever walked into a dark room and not been able to find your way to your bed, have any of you ever stumbled upon something in a dark room, have any of you ever bumped into someone in a dark room in the right light it’s easy to see things for what they are and navigate our way but when we move to a darker surrounding a place with low light it takes time for our eyes to adapt we are unable to see anything clearly but eventually we can thanks to the rhodops in our eyes and life as well there are the bright types and this clarity.

when we can see situations for what they are and the great hope enthusiasm and joy but then there are times when we move into the not so bright and the darker phase of our life but we can’t see with clarity decision-making becomes difficult we are convinced we lose if they have good guidance and support in this phase of our life and we can persevere so we learn how to make our way even in this dark face and come out victorious thanks to the Robson effect you.

A mantra to transform your relationships! Valentine day’s Special

As he walked in his eyes moved around
restlessly in this quest to find the
love of his life it was very clear in
his head I knew very well what he wanted
the golden hue a smooth look
a sleek figure light like a feather
someone who could make him feel good
someone could be swift someone who could
help them with practically everything in
life someone who was there for him 24 by
7 someone who he would love to see as
soon as he was up the first one in the
morning and someone would be the last
one to see before retiring to pay
someone who would be by sight always and
accompany him everywhere event as his
team super machinist said his heart
skipped a beat he instantly connected an
infamous heart this is the one he went
ahead and said meeting you was failed
knowing you was choice falling for you
it was amazing the relationship went
when they literally became inseparable
partners but in the whole process he’d
forgotten that he also had a
relationship with someone else who’s
been badly neglected and feel terribly
hurt for not getting his time dear
friends if you want your relationships
to be meaningful if you will take them
to the next level.

Whenever you feel discouraged in life

A man was watching a local football
match in a school playing ground as he
sat there he asked one of the boys what
the school was with a bright smile on
his face the boy replied they are
leading us by three zero astonished
the man said really but you don’t look
discouraged at all discouraged the boy
asked with a puzzled look on his face
why should I be discouraged when the
referee has not blown the final whistle
yet I have confidence in my team and the
managers and we shall definitely win the
match and certainly the match ended by
four in favour of the boys team the boy
waved at the man gently with a charming
smile as he left the man was absolutely
amazed his mouth wide open such
confidence such beautiful faith and he’s
just a small boy as the man got back
home that night the boys question kept
ringing in his mind again and again why
should I be discouraged when the referee
has not blown the final whistle yet
ladies and gentlemen life is exactly
like a game
why should we be discouraged when we
have the support of meaningful friends
and family why should we be discouraged
when there are powers higher than us to
help us why should we be discouraged
when the still life left why should we
be discouraged when the final whistle
has not been blown yet the truth is that
many of us blow the final whistle
ourselves by giving up but as long as
there is life nothing is impossible and
it’s never too late next time you feel
discouraged just remember that the final
whistle is not blown yet and you can
still give your best never give up and
you will soon reach there.

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